Helped to free from domestic violence

Our foundation once helped a lady namely rashmi who was married to her husband for 20 years. She was subjected to physical

Helped to Happy Life

Another success story of an NGO, a girl namely Sandhya (name changed) approached the NGO with the help of his friend

Helped to Living a Normal Life

In a shocking rescue story, a women namely Rama (name changed) who was aware about our foundation once approached the NGO

Helped A Women

Womencarefoundation once helped a woman who was a native of Himachal Pradesh and got married in Chandigarh.

WomenCare Foundation Support A Girl

One major achievement of WCF is when a women namely Asha (name changed) approached us asking for help with regard to problems faced

Helped A Girl

One major achievement on the part of WCFis the girl called Neelam (name changed) who was suffering from the matrimonial dispute

Case of Sana

In a recent incident, our NGO rescued a woman who was forced into prostitution immediately after her marriage.

Case of Beating

A woman namely Sita (name change), was married with boy who beat her up after few days of their marriage.

Domestic seritude

Our NGO Womencare Foundation had rescued a woman namely Sonali (real name changed) r/o of Bangalore, who was forced into prostitution

Rescued A Foreign Girl

WCF had rescued a foreign girl and saved her life. A foreign girl namely Lussi Kem ( name changed) came to India last month to visit.