Helped to free from domestic violence

Our foundation once helped a lady namely rashmi who was married to her husband for 20 years. She was subjected to physical and mental torture by her husband Monish on regular basis from the very beginning, and in her early years of marriage her husband would give her electric shocks and threw her out of their matrimonial home during midnight while she was pregnant. She filed a police complaint but after convincing her they started living again. Because of the aforementioned torture, the child born to rashmi and monish was born mentally challenged. She kept ignoring his torture in hope that one day things will become better, but one day things went too far and monish beat her to an extent that rashmi had to be hospitalized. She approached us for help and we helped her to file a case against her husband for domestic violence in which we got interim stay on alienation of matrimonial property in any way by monish and he also agreed to leave the matrimonial house so that rashmi could stay peacefully. Soon she will be given interim maintenance by court.

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