AS the name itself suggests, Women Care Foundation is dedicated to empowering women by taking care of them, safeguarding their interests and protecting their self-respect. The sole objective of Women Care Foundation is to reach out to as many women as possible and relieve them from any kind of suffering and distress and enable them to live their lives with self-respect. Be it a woman of any religion, caste, creed, sect and class in the society, if she needs any kind of help, then Women Care Foundation stands with her. In 21st century, women should not feel insecure in any way, they should have strategic socio-economic security. By successfully overcoming all the struggles in their daily life by taking care of their families, their children, they forget themselves, our goal is to make women aware of their individuality and to motivate them so they start taking care of themselves too. If they take good care of themselves then only they will be able to take care of their families, their children and society and to ensure it, whatever efforts the Women Foundation has to make, we will do it.

Campaign & Agenda Of  WCF

  • Education and Alternative Livelihood  Providing education to vulnerable women on various levels including Legal Awareness and rights through various means and Providing solutions to their day-to-day problems such as matrimonial issues.
  • Awareness Campaign  “Haq ki baat” making them aware about their rights including legal and basic rights.
  • Prevention  Building vigilance groups of local women against any type of violence/suffrage in vulnerable source areas.
  • Rahat (for sexual violence, to resolve the matrimonial dispute including domestic violence, rape victims, social and financial support to empower women, to provide free legal services to women victim).
  • “Satark” Training women for Self Awareness.
  • Helping them join skill development programs in order to enable them to become self-sustained.
  • Encouraging families living in remote areas to engage in counseling programs where women have suffered from matrimonial issues and sexual abuse including rape.
  • Organizing events by inviting women from society who have succeeded in their respective fields to encourage women living in remote areas.

Some of the success stories