Helped to Living a Normal Life

In a shocking rescue story, a women namely Rama (name changed) who was aware about our foundation once approached the NGO and told us her whole story that “she was suspicious that her neighbour Ajay (Name changed) was keeping his wife Isha (name changed) in House arrest” as Rama had not seen her neighour friend Isha for a long time. Upon discussing the same with other people living in the neighborhood, they had same doubts about her whereabouts. As soon as Rama informed us about the aforementioned facts we went to nearby Police Station and assisted them to raid Ajay’s house. As soon as he opened the door he tried to escape himself but police personnel succeeded to catch him and took him in custody. Upon searching the house we found out that Isha was hand tied in one of the rooms of his house and her body was reduced to bare bones. The NGO succeeded to rescue her with the help of Police and now she is living a normal life.

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