Student Membership

₹500/month or above

Learning Opportunities: Gain insights into social issues and community development.
Skill Development: Develop leadership, communication, and project management skills.
Networking: Connect with like-minded peers and professionals in the social sector.
Volunteer Experience: Participate in on-ground activities and volunteer programs.
Certificate of Participation: Receive a certificate for your contribution and involvement.
Exclusive Workshops: Access to special workshops and training sessions focused on youth empowerment and social work.

Individual Membership

₹1100/month or above

Impactful Contribution: Directly support initiatives that improve women’s health and empowerment.
Regular Updates: Stay informed about the NGO’s projects and progress.
Volunteer Opportunities: Engage in various volunteer activities and events.
Recognition: Acknowledgement of your support in the NGO’s publications and events.
Special Events: Invitations to exclusive events, webinars, and discussions.
Networking: Connect with a diverse community of supporters and activists.

Family Membership

₹2100/month or above

Family Volunteering: Opportunities for the entire family to volunteer and participate in events.
Educational Programs: Access to educational workshops and activities for children and adults.
Recognition: Family name listed on the NGO’s website and publications as supporters.
Exclusive Events: Invitations to family-friendly events and gatherings.
Regular Updates: Receive newsletters and updates about ongoing projects and their impact.
Community Building: Engage with other families committed to social change and community development.

Senior Citizen Membership

₹3100/month or above

Active Participation: Engage in meaningful volunteer activities that utilize your experience and skills.
Health and Wellness Workshops: Access to workshops focused on senior health and wellness.
Recognition: Acknowledgement of your contributions in the NGO’s reports and events.
Exclusive Events: Invitations to special events tailored for senior members.
Regular Updates: Stay informed about the NGO’s initiatives and impact.
Community Engagement: Connect with other senior members and share your experiences.

Corporate Membership

₹11000/month or above

CSR Alignment: Showcase your company’s commitment to social responsibility.
Brand Visibility: Recognition on the NGO’s website, newsletters, and social media platforms.
Impact Reports: Receive detailed reports on the impact of your contributions.
Employee Engagement: Opportunities for employees to volunteer and participate in CSR activities.
Networking Events: Invitations to exclusive networking events and conferences.
Training Programs: Access to workshops and training sessions for your employees.
Community Impact: Directly contribute to initiatives that create lasting social change.
Special Recognition: Special acknowledgement in the NGO’s annual report and major events.