Helped A Women

Womencarefoundation once helped a woman who was a native of Himachal Pradesh and got married in Chandigarh. After few years of marriage her husband lost his job and became a habitual drinker. After spending all his savings on consuming liquor, Anita’s husband started to abuse her and physically assaulted her until she gave him money for consuming liquor. For sometime she kept ignoring all the abuse for the sake of their son, but later the husband influenced their minor son and he became abusive to his own mother. Things became worse when one day during the influence of liquor the husband of Anita levelled allegations against her that she is having an illegal affair with her father in law who is bed ridden. She approached us when she was in a very bad state after being badly beaten up by her husband and we took her to women cell and got a complaint registered against her husband. We helped her procure a job so that she could live on her own and now she lives a dignified life on her own and we helped her to file a divorce case against her husband and a maintenance case as well.

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