WomenCare Foundation Support A Girl

One major achievement of WCF is when a women namely Asha (name changed) approached us asking for help with regard to problems faced by her in her married life whereby her husband beat her continuously and if she tried to avoid him by locking herself in a room, he would continuously knock the door to the point which would drive any person mentally upset. He sometimes do the black magic outside the door by putting red cloth, bird feather and sindhoor, when the woman opened the door in the morning she found the black magic item. She always remains under the phobia that something bad will happen to her. He would sometimes resort to adulterate/lace the food/drinks of Asha with some foreign substance which would make her unconscious after its consumption. The foundation helped her by taking her to Police Station and got a complaint registered against her husband and when her husband tried to sell the only matrimonial house in which they lived, the foundation helped her to procure a stay order with respect to the matrimonial house and foundation also helped her to procure an order under which she is receiving an interim maintenance of Rs. 7000/- per month.

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