Helped A Girl

One major achievement on the part of WCFis the girl called Neelam (name changed) who was suffering from the matrimonial dispute as well as addiction of narcotics from the year 2018. The girl was minor and a school going at that time when she was trapped in the allurements by the man who was already married. Due to the allurements by that man the girl was involved in the sexual activities with that man as well as became addicted to the narcotics. Due to those illegal activities, she became a patient of anxiety, moods swing, insomnia, became anti social, no regards to the parents, zero importance to relationships and involved in many illegal activities to procure drugs.

Our NGO took an approach in this case where we found out the root cause and our NGO assists her to admit in the rehabilitation centre. After treatment about one year and after showing the sign of rehabilitation, she went back to her society of her parents and living a normal life and behaving like a responsible citizen with the help of our NGO. Now, she visits our NGO to found out the grievances of women like her and wants to help those women with full dedication.

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