Rescued A Foreign Girl

WCF had rescued a foreign girl and saved her life. A foreign girl namely Lussi Kem ( name changed) came to India last month to visit. One day when she was purchasing something at Paharganj Delhi, some unknown person came and asked the girl for drinks as she was joined drinks and the person gave her some drugs,bringing her to an unknown place in Old Delhi. Thereafter the person do a wrong act to her and forced sex, and they continue to rape her and beat them, When they bring her to unknown places they continuously raped her, beat on private parts, and even did not give continuous many days of food, clothes water, etc. she sleeps on the floor without blankets, clothes sometimes they continue beaten her by belt, iron rod as told by her they make her life hell. Now, she is under treatment fighting for her life even though she will take time to recover as her private parts are fully damaged and have many injuries. someone inform our NGO when members of our NGO heard her story decided to rescue her and ultimately our NGO rescued her and send her home safely.

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