Domestic seritude

Our NGO Womencare Foundation had rescued a woman namely Sonali (real name changed) r/o of Bangalore, who was forced into prostitution immediately after marriage by her husband and thought of living a normal life like every other girl but as soon as she got married Ravi started inviting random people to their matrimonial home. One day she was asked by Ravi to show the way to one of the guests to the washroom.Accordingly she escorted the guest to their room’s washroom but as soon as they entered the room, the guest turned around and locked the door from the inside. Upon asking what he was doing, he answered “didn’t your husband tell you?”. Before Sonali could understand what was transpiring, she started shouting for help from her husband. But she didn’t receive any response from him. The guest got hold of Sonali and started touching her inappropriately, she somehow gathered courage and ran away from her matrimonial home. Later someone informed Sonali as our NGO WOMENCAREFOUNDATION had rescued and helped her to get justice by filing a criminal complaint against Ravi and divorce petition as well as a Maintenance case against her husband now she is getting maintenance‚Ķ

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