Project Jigyasa

NGO aiming to organise a legal awareness camp of 20000+ women at different places including colleges, universities,

spanning across various cities and especially in remote areas where literacy rate is very low in a period of one year irrespective of their age groups.
The legal awareness camp will focus on following points among others:-

  1. A woman has a right to live in the same matrimonial house irrespective of the fact that she has matrimonial issues with her husband or his family.
  2. After 2005 woman also has the right to inherit property on equal footing to male and thus can inherit the property of her father as per amended Hindu Succession Act.
  3. If Police wants to investigate anything from a woman with regards to any case, then a woman has the right to deny entry to any male police staff after dawn till sun rise and after sun rise the Police male staff should be assisted by at least one woman Police staff.
  4. Prevention of Sexual harassment of women at workplace as laid down in the Judgment passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court Vishakha vs State of Rajasthan.
  5. 5. A woman has the right to file ZERO FIR at any Police Station irrespective of the location where the alleged incident took place and later the same FIR can be transferred to the Police Station where the jurisdiction of the actually falls.
  6. All the legal rights which are available to the women including the aforementioned rights can be availed of by such woman free of cost which itself a right which is given in the Constitution of India.
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