Sanitary Pad Distribution in Rural Areas of India by Woman Care Foundation

Menstrual health and hygiene are critical components of women’s health, yet they are often neglected in many parts of rural India. The lack of awareness, accessibility, and affordability of sanitary products forces many women to use unhygienic alternatives, leading to severe health issues. The Woman Care Foundation has been at the forefront of addressing these challenges through its sanitary pad distribution initiatives in rural areas. This article explores the foundation’s efforts, the impact of their work, and the ongoing challenges in promoting menstrual health.     

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Women’s Rights in India: Progress, Challenges, and the Way Forward


Women’s rights in India have been a topic of significant discourse and action over the years. Despite constitutional guarantees and numerous legal frameworks aimed at protecting and promoting the rights of women, the journey towards achieving true gender equality in India is still ongoing. This article explores the evolution of women’s rights in India, the current state of these rights, and the challenges and future directions for improving women’s status in society.

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