Skill Development Classes

NGO aiming to provide skill development classes to 5000+ women in different fields such as beautician, stitching, data entry operator, etc.

because these courses do not require any basic academic education and it will help especially those women who are unable to raise their voice against their abusive husband because these women are financially dependent upon them. The skill development courses will focus on following skills among others:-

  1. To help women in attaining various skills in which educational qualification is not required including data entry operator, stitching, cooking beautician course etc.
  2. To discuss the importance of learning skill development so as to make oneself self sustaining which will help women in living a dignified life.
  3. To discuss the importance of learning skill development having regard to gender i.e. to aim on skills which are more suitable to women for e.g. women should be taught “not to work in hazardous places” as it can have negative impact on their body especially women who are pregnant.
  4. To focus on inclusive skill development with the objective of increased women participation for better economic productivity.
  5. To work exclusively on skill development of women, especially in rural areas.
  6. To focus on the techniques which includes judo, karate etc. which will help them later on in their life including making a career out of it.
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